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Basic Obedience

Does your dog get into things it shouldn't? Does it pull you on the leash? Does it jump on people? Has it lost its manners....or never had them? What happens when you call them to come home? Do they come? No? Well, check this out!!

animal actors

Imagine seeing your dog or cat in a movie or a TV Commercial making up to $300 per day! Well, it can happen. Click below for more information.

fur clients

Just a few of my amazing current and past clients. I can't say enough good things about all of them! They are all my favorite students. Take a look at the cuteness for yourself!

My name is Stephanie Purdy-Azan and I have worked for 19 years as an Animal Trainer in the Film & TV Industry in Los Angeles… 

What they are saying

My boy Cain learned so much from Stephanie. I highly recommend her, she is amazing and she was attentive to Cain and very good at what she does.​
Dawn E. - Orlando, FL
Wonderful trainer. Stephanie is great and works so well with the dogs as well as with their humans on providing instruction. I would highly recommend her.
We have seen great improvement over the past 6 weeks. Our puppy loves it when she sees her and realizes it's time for training.
Janel T. - Eustis, FL
I am totally pleased with the work Steph did with our Westie, Moose. He was and still is a little wild but as each day passes he's settling down. She's helped with the basic things. He's now walking a lot better on a leash. He knows some basic tricks.I recommend her to everyone with a dog. And I have to honestly say she also trained me! 🙂 And I'm thankful for that.
Knowing how to control Moose helps.
Ed L. - Mt. Dora, FL
We LOVE Stephanie! She is kind, hard-working and really takes the time to make sure you and your dogs are progressing. By far the best dog trainer in Lake County!
Kelly J. - Eustis, FL
Stephanie has taken our one year old Golden Doodle, Rusty from being a typical rambunctious, playful pup to one who loves to follow instructions. He is eagerly willing to please and earn his reward...from performing cute tricks to coming when called, to down and staying for short periods of time. His puppy brain kicks in occasionally and it's time to play and get his "yoo-hoos" out, as she calls it. He's still all puppy but there are times when I need and get more from him. Stephanie has been very patience with both Rusty and me! She's great! I highly recommend her to you and your 4-legged babies!​
Jeanne H. - Umatilla, FL
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