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Why is basic obedience so important?

Basic obedience, leadership and overall general manners are so important because a dog who has no understanding of leadership, respect, and one who doesn’t understand what you are asking for will only result in a frustrated dog…and frustrated pet parent! Once that happens, your dog can start misbehaving, acting out in ways that are destructive or aggressive all because they don’t have anything to do and have no purpose. 

Your dog wants to please you! They might be bored, they want to learn…some of them depending on the breed, crave to learn! Once they learn to learn, you will see an amazing transformation and connection with them and all of a sudden you have a much more well behaved dog who listens to you and waits for your next command!

How do I get my dog signed up for in home basic obedience sessions?

I set up a time for a consultation in your home and it usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour. It will give me an opportunity to meet with you and your family members to find out what your training needs are and how I can help you. From there we can set up a training regimen. This may be anywhere from 6-8 weeks; once a week for about an hour to an hour and a half. *some dogs may require more than 1 weekly session*. Prices are based on the training needs of your dog. There is a small consultation fee which varies by location.

I will work with you, your dog and your family members to teach you leadership skills, give you the training tools and  show you how to implement them with your dog on a daily basis. Every day is a training day! I will also help you to become more aware of the reasons why your dog may be acting a certain way. 99% of dog issues are due human miscommunication, lack of exercise, and lack of stimulation. By following my training program – you, the family AND your dog will have a win-win situation improving the quality of life for all!

Make that commitment to you and your dog - they deserve it!

It just takes a little time each day, consistency, and positive reward to make you and your dog a lot better! 
You won’t believe the difference and you will be so thankful you did it!

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